Vidal Health is India’s top health services management company and amongst the largest third-party administrators worldwide. We operate at a large scale presence in India (800 locations) with over 35 million members, and 10000 empanelled service providers which include hospitals, diagnostics labs, and clinicians. We process over 1.0 million claims and 800,000 pre-authorisation requests annually.

We now operate internationally with rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East and Africa. Thanks to a worldwide network of service providers, we facilitate domestic and international medical value travel spanning the globe.

We have been an early adopter of technology and now boast a world-class global proprietary platform that connects providers, payers and members. We collaborate actively with all stakeholders and participate in policy-making through board presence on leading industry bodies.

We have been an active participant in the growth of the health insurance sector in India from INR 0.2 Billion in 2002 to INR 30 Billion in 2017 and have enabled private sector hospitals to rapidly ramp-up their business, even if only partly riding on insurance. We have also catalysed government hospitals to enhance their services to compete for patients from government-sponsored health insurance programs.