The Central Government and the various State Governments in India have made significant commitments to help citizens from the economically weaker sections of society obtain appropriate medical treatments. While these bodies have invested in healthcare delivery infrastructure (hospitals, primary care centers etc.), they seem to be moving towards becoming payers—either through including individuals in a health assurance scheme (which pays hospitals for treatment) or by subscribing them into an insurance scheme for which the governments pay the premium. Such programmes have been deployed across India and have met with resounding approval. Vidal Health has been fortunate to be involved in these programmes and in partnership with state governments, has helped create benchmarks for how government-sponsored health insurance programmes must be operated.

  • Design of benefits structure

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    Governments committing significant yet scarce resources to providing health benefits to the economically weaker sections of society are looking to ensure that these budgetary allocations are made based on precise cost benefit analysis. Given the huge complexity in the medical treatment landscape, this process completely depends on combining good clinical knowledge with strong business acumen supported by the ability to handle large transaction volumes. Vidal Health is one of few organisations that can provide this support.

  • Technology platforms

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    Owing to the massive scale of its operations (35 million members, 1 million hospitalization claims every year, 800 thousand pre-authorization requests for these hospitalizations from an empanelled network of over 7000 hospitals) Vidal Health heavily invests in technology to deliver a superior experience to all its stakeholders. Over the years, these investments have resulted in the evolution of a world-class proprietary technology platform that can be licensed for use by insurers, healthcare administrators (including third-party administrators), hospitals and health systems, and pharma companies for deployment across their businesses.

  • Enrollments

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    Whether transitioning an existing customer account or on-boarding a new account, insurers find Vidal Health technology platforms the perfect way to enroll members—whether by the hundreds or by the millions. On large government contracts, Vidal Health has frequently helped its insurer clients on-board more than a million members from the most remote locations. That too within a short time frame. Large employers transitioning to new insurance relationships also find this capability of Vidal Health of great value.

  • Reporting and Analytics

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    Based on its expertise in data capture as well as extraction of insights from large volumes of transaction data. Owing to this, it has made solid investments in analytics talent and developed the expertise to assist insurers to design and implement their own reporting and analytics projects, either on a consulting approach or a completely out-sourced approach.

  • Hospital contracting (both domestic and global)

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    For its insurer clients, Vidal Health can empanel and contract with hospitals as required by the insurer (and/or its employer/government clients) based on precise specifications relating to access. Vidal Health already enjoys a direct relationship with over 7000 hospitals in India. Also, if a preferred network is required, it can accomplish that set up very quickly.